Sustainability and Decarbonisation: how can the EU’s industrial policy support industry’s efforts?

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With its Communication of 5 May 2021 updating the New Industrial Strategy proposed in 2020, the European Commission has further indicated that it relies on industry to deliver on the major challenges faced by our economies and societies in Europe: sustainability, digital transformation and global competitiveness, as well as on the need to overcome the crisis provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU Recovery and Resilience Plan launched in Spring 2021 is largely building on the capability of European industry to design and produce the building blocks of the twin green and digital transition. At the same time, the EU is shaping a dense regulatory framework that does not always support the freedom and flexibility needed for companies to grow and compete globally.

The European technology industries, and in particular our pumps, compressors and taps and valves sectors, have for a long time considered the enhancement of their global competitiveness within the challenges of societal and environmental challenges, notably by contributing to the preparation of energy efficiency and ecolabel regulations. In parallel, digitalisation has provided increased opportunities and brought new challenges, including debates on the appropriate regulatory level (sharing of industrial data, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, etc).

These developments, amidst a fierce international competition, require that public authorities and industry in the EU work more and more closely to design and deploy strategies that reinforce our competitiveness and our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will be the subject of the initial debate kicking off our Joint EU Policy Conference: it will bring together key policy actors of the three EU policy institutions in charge of the Industrial Strategy and three Executives representing and illustrating our three sectors’ major achievements and challenges.

The Joint Conference held on 10 May in Brussels is part of CEIR’s 2022 Congress, Europump’s 2022 Annual Meeting and Pneurop’s 2022 Plenary Meeting.